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    Builder 3D Printers is no stranger to giant build volume - so when they use the word extreme, you know that they mean it. The Builder Extreme 1000, Extreme 1500, and Builder Extreme 2000 are three of the largest FDM 3D printers available. Perfect for prototyping, art objects, and full sized fabrication, the Builder Extreme has the space needed to get the job done.

    extreme builder 2000


    Offering a maximum build space of 700x700x1820 mm, the Builder Extreme is one of the biggest FDM printers on the market. The unique dual-feed extruder can be easily removed to swap it for a nozzle with a larger diameter to achieve higher speeds, or left as-is for greater precision. Fully enclosed and featuring a heated bed, the Builder Extreme is able to utilize a wide range of materials.

    extreme builder screw

    Dual-Feed Nozzle

    Builder's unique dual-feed extruder allows for a no-leak dual-materials solution through a single nozzle. Print with two colors for an exciting visual effect, or print PLA with PVA supports to achieve geometries that would be impossible with a standard single-material extruder.


    Mix it up

    Smooth gradients and sharp edges: both options are available. Builder's proprietary color mixing software adjusts the ratio of color while printing, creating a stunning gradient effect. Or use Cura to create multi-color prints with no gradient.


    Each Builder Extreme comes with dedicated Dynammism support expertise, including unlimited technical support. On-site warranty support is available for an additional fee in most areas. Please inquire for details.

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