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  • EinScan Pro+ Rapid

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  • EinScan Pro+ 3D Scanner / Rapid Registration License

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  • Increased speed

    With an improved Handheld HD scanning mode, capturing 3D scan details at high scanning speed is possible. Equipped with a new generation of HD scanning technology, EinScan Pro+ offers an enhanced Handheld HD scanning mode by implementing an intensive line-scanning strategy, allowing for data capture at 550,000 points per second.

    increased speed

    Highly versatile for many applications

    Watertight models can be exported directly for 3D printing, or output unclosed 3D models for reverse engineering and further revision in 3D modeling software.

    high versatility

    Multiple scan modes

    With the available accessories, EinScan Pro+ is capable of scanning in five different scan modes. By itself, the scanner is able to perform the Handheld Rapid scan function, which is ideal for larger models with rich features that don’t require high precision or accuracy. Handheld HD scan mode uses sticker targets applied to the object being scanned, allowing it to align reference points and capture details to within .1mm accuracy.

    multiple modes

    Accessories offer more

    The optional Industrial Pack provides a turntable, and tripod for additional scan modes. Using the turntable and tripod, Einscan Pro+ can scan smaller objects (50-150mm) automatically in high detail by rotating the object in small increments. Free Scan mode is done using only the tripod, and is best suited for highly detailed objects that are light weight and easy to move around during the scan process, allowing the alignment of various features to be meshed into a single model. Rapid Registration scan mode applies the same reference point approach as HD Scan mode, but significantly increases scan speed, making it ideal for large objects with few surface features. The optional Color Pack adds full color texture scanning to capture objects in vivid color (not compatible with HD scan mode).

    color scan

    Bigger is better

    EinScan Pro+ recalibrates scanning range by using a new 300 x 170mm (11.8 x 6.69in) single-side scanning range. The overall area of a single scanning frame is enlarged 1.6 times. Handheld scanning speed for large-size objects has been considerably increased, which makes scanning large objects more efficient.

    big scan


  • EinScan Pro Industrial Pack
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  • EinScan Pro+ Color Pack
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