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  • Dynamism is proud to support the educational leaders in 3D printing. By offering industry-leading 3D printers and teaming up with 3D printing Course partners, we want to inspire many more people to use 3D printing to advance their mission and bring the best 3D printing solutions into their school, library, or organization.
  • Duke University
  • “The purpose of our labs is to allow students an outlet to explore digital fabrication either independently or within the context of coursework with little restrictions other than the limits of their own imaginations.”
    – Chip Bobbert / Duke University
  • University of Illinois
  • “The Illinois MakerLab is the world's first 3D printing Lab in a Business School. Our goal is to be the leading educator in the Desktop 3D printing community. We provide courses and workshops in 3D printing at our campus in Champaign, Illinois and also offer anyone in the world an opportunity to earn a certificate in this new technology through our 3D printing Specialization on Coursera.”
    - Aric Rindfleisch / University of Illinois
  • Durham Public Schools
  • “We have 60 throughout our district and our goal is to effectively train students and have them train each other to use all of our maker hardware and software. Students will learn to use their skills to create models, prototypes, and final products to assist them in their courses and benefit those around them while maintaining an academic and curriculum tie in to all projects.”
    - Adam W. Davidson / Durham Public Schools
  • Dynamism also partners with 3DPrinterOS to manage all of your 3D printers from a single interface. Together we are offering a $2,500 savings on an Educational License Bundle for the first 100 schools or universities! Manage unlimited 3D printers, students and files from a single platform.
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